Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take A Leap Of Faith

My first words. First steps. First Christmas. First report card. First kiss. First school dance. First car. We all can account to have a first time for everything. Most insignificant, every day things. Others milestones that can possible change our life. Think in different ways, imagine new possibilities. Most people do not realize how events can can their life. Me for instants. I was a smart, sheltered girl that knew nothing of the other side of life. As a freshman my eyes were opened to so many new intriguing things. And you know what? Without learning those things and making it a first priority to learn and take so much in, I wouldn't be who I am today. Not knowing that than, but reflecting on it now I see that the world is made up of so many unique individuals, with different stories and experiences to share.
To this date I stand a girl going into her senior year. I've had the chance to live in Florida with my grandparents the whole summer and I can say this will be a first step to changing myself to be a better person. Sure, it's been fun, laid back and totally care free. If you were in a tropical location wouldn't you do the same? Anyways, I find it hard to be away from my family and friends. Not really having anyone to take to like back at home. Here I can be me, find myself again. Also appreciate everything when I go back home. I feel more humble, forgiving and focused on the goals I want for myself. It's crazy to think in a years time I'll have the world at my feet. Free to do what I choose.
God has a plan for everyone, and I think he helps us realize they can happen. He helps us believe anything is possible and nothing is standing in our way besides ourselves. We must take a leap of faith, know the challenges we face and make a future to live in. It's intimidating to think about forever, but without that initial first experience you will always wonder about how it could have been.

No Jane Doe

I have brown eyes. Two big brown eyes. I have a nose, a set of ears, a couple birth marks, dimples, short compared to most and a killer smile. A Jane Doe. If you never saw me or knew me, I'm just another face in the crowd. But I'm not. I'm Katie. A 17 year old that is finding her way, trying to make a difference by making people smile.  But you wouldn't know that by the information I just gave you. My personality is more complex than people realize. I can crack a joke yet the next minute holding your hand crying out your hurt. I enjoy to party and dance, get all dolled up, yet I can watch movies for a whole Sunday in the pj's I slept in the night before. I like to give people advice, see situations from both sides, be supportive and protective, yet be hurting inside not letting people really know how I feel or what I want. I love to talk and be the center of attention, but that's only when I get to know someone really good. Until than I will go out of my way, making every wish fulfilled. I always laugh and smile making people feel the same, yet I'll have a mood swing: mad, sad, depressed, anxious. I go with the flow but can be a stubborn Irish lassie and eventually get what I want. I don't like confrontation but I sure as hell will put up a fight if I needed to. I am happy with my life yet sometimes I wish I had what others had.
 Sometimes I feel like I don't know who I am. Almost becoming a different person when I'm around certain people. I have always done this, being respectful to teachers and adults, yet knowing how to cause havoc with my friends.
I guess I figure life is an adventure that should be lived to it's potential. I enjoy the person I am. I enjoy making others happy and seeing how I impacted their life. I thank God for building me along the way, even if I have committed sins. There are always lessons learned even if they seem like your life is over.
I'm not sure about where I'm going or well I'll end up, but my journey thus far has made me realize how lucky I am to live, be triumphant yet crumble into a million tiny pieces for mistakes I've made. I guess whatever didn't kill you makes your stronger. This I am sure of.
I'm Katie Marie Kilbane. Born September 16th 1993.  I have brown eyes, a 5'4 stature, enjoy eating, tanning, and making mistakes. I'm no Jane Doe. I'm an individual finding my way. No mold will ever fit me. I choose my own path. Never breaking, always making and improving my life one step at a time

Perfect Romance?

Today is a day of revolution. Today we rebuild what has been crumbling for years. We rebuild the word love. So love, I won't take pain in your definition, I won't accept mediocre excuses of lies and unfaithfulness, I won't stand to be be walked on, used, canvassed as some prize or even treated with disrespect. The word "love" can mean an assortment of daily ideals, but above all it means you care deeply for another. You give your energy, time and devotion for someone other then yourself. Become selfless and understanding of your significant other. It's important to feel emotions; the good and bad, but if we do not love correctly all that we know could possibly be ruined. Love means you love everything about them even flaws and imperfections. --We must first understand ourselves before we think about trying to understand another. Finding yourself and experiencing what the world has to offer is the first task we take on. Don't rush to find someone or something to fill a void. The man of your dreams will come along (probably not on a white steed, or even ask for your hand to dance) when you least expect it. If he takes time don't sweat it, just tell yourself if a phony comes along don't fall for his tricks, hold out for the best possible match to what your expectations are. Love comes in all different directions at different speed so don't get mad if you're caught in traffic; be patient and the light at the end of the tunnel will appear before you know it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nice To Meet You

Have you ever noticed when you first meet someone you can automatically tell wheat kind of person they are. The funny thing is, though, we either see it right away or overlook it to give the person the benefit of the doubt. For me, I find it an exciting thing to meet someone new. New acquaintances could possibly mean a new friendship. Or they can be just a hello and goodbye.

Looking back on how we start to meet new people, it was much easier as a child. We don't develop strong personalities till we are older, we all understand the things we go though, and only care about playing on the playground and having fun. As a young adult we subconsciously have judged a person by the way they look, what other people tell us, and the nervous moment if we have enough courage to go talk to someone new.

Being in a different state this whole summer I had the chance to develop strong communication and introduction skills. My grandparents live in a adult community so all of the elder people always want to talk to the young one. The key to make people impressed with you is a nice smile, good handshake and an interest in what they have to say. See, easy as one, two, three.

Now, if you are dealing with a person your age, just remember to be yourself; because we all know how hard that can be. Chances are the other person has the exact same feelings as you, so don't worry about trying to impress them the first time around. IMPORTANT TIP: people love to talk about themselves, so if you can try to ask a lot of questions. If you find something in common let that be the way to strike up a good conversation.

Now you have the skills to have a successful first meeting with someone new. Comment below if you have any other questions, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
Katie, out!
P.S. Pick up lines are no way to meet someone new. Either they will find you completely weird or just laugh at you.. not with you! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reality TV?

Beachy hair, tan lines and sunglasses. Summer. Unfortunately summer is coming to an end. The season to be free from school and homework. Luckily for me the end is almost near to my public education. See, this year I will be a senior and I have to say I'm pretty pumped for it. Parties, football games, 4 classes, late curfew: the works.
I have this really great group of friends. We climb things, run around and cause shenanigans... Basically anything a young adult would do. Without these people I couldn't have the time of my life. I would probably be at home, reading a book and looking out to the world saying, "I wish I could have that much fun..." Sometimes we get into trouble and make fools of ourselves, but I would rather be doing that having awesome stories to tell to my future kids. But go right ahead and let the book do the talking for you. (I'm not dissing on books. Just an example)
With this montage of things all wrapped into one this is a recipe of perfection, with a could scrapes and bruises on the way. Yes, there will be drama. Yes... there will be tires. YES... there will be embarrassing moments in front of the whole class, but that's alright. Ever time we fall, we have the strength to pick ourselves back up.
Please stay tuned for the moments of my life that are almost worthy of a reality TV show. (without drugs, sex, or cat fights)
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
I plan to take this quote and make it my own. Life should be looked at like it's out of the box, new, funky. Make it your own and owe what you have. Thats how success starts.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

Do you remember when you were a kid and couldn't wait for Christmas morning? To run into your parents bedroom and tell them Santa had come to eat the cookies leaving footprints and a mountain of presents by the tree? When we start to get older we lose a sense of excitement. As a child you are so innocent and unaware of the things around you, therefore we were more impressed by everyday things.
 My childhood was sheltered, so entering my first year of high school was a world wind adventure. I had my first boyfriend, friends to gossip with, and actually felt like I belonged somewhere with a group of people, unlike mid school where I found it very hard to make friends, felt left out, and even been bullied. I became excited once again about how this new life was. Like a child does when they dance to a song they like or re watch a movie over and over again because they find joy and excitement in it.
Being a child of only 15 at the time I had no idea of the person I would become today. I've learned some life long lessons in education, street smarts, love, friendships. This is the sort of thing that excites me now. I want to become one of these people. Learn and travel and see the world like a child does. A clean slate to enjoy and experience things like I once have. Looking back to how I was a kid makes me realize how lucky I was. My parents raised me with such a great look upon the world. Letting me stay a child without growing up too fast. I laughed and played and took in moments that are like a tattoo engraved in my memory.
We expect too much from things that should just make us happy. And that's the key to being excited, happiness. So scream, shout! Dance, heck even shuffle to Party Rock Anthem. It doesn't matter.
We often forget to make it a point to reflect on the past and use that as a guide for the future.
"Second star to the right and straight on till morning!"

Splish, Splash!

Water. It covers about 70% of the Earths surface. It also is in us, about 85%. We can not escape it, or avoid it. Water is a way of life.
One of the best pick up lines I've ever received was, "Do you like water?" "Yes, why?" "Well than, you are guaranteed to like 85% of me." See, I can be more than just a girl giving you her thoughts, but also a great wing man on how to win your lovers heart.
Today my grandmother and I are planning on going to a water park. We've been here multiple times and just love the atmosphere, surroundings, and the fact that it is so much better than standing in the blistering sun. There is a rapid river here, which I must say gives the lazy river a run for its money. It shoots you along the winding, lanky river, takes you through waterfalls, shooting water and fast currents. Accompanied by two wave pools, family rides, racer rides, and just about anything with a tube, this water park really is the place to be. They serve delicious food, have a nice beach area with plenty of umbrellas and of course good looking lifeguards to admire when you are swimming. All in all it has everything you might want in a day at the park!
      The only water that can be a downer is rain. The rain gods have not been kind to the people of Florida this month and around the time you start to really have fun; it rains. So if it does, we might just end up seeing Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2. Which isn't a bad alternative.
So thank you H20 for all that you do for mankind, even if it does involve going to the movies or reading a book. Also thanks for programs like Shark Week! Can't wait for that... cause we all know those sea creators love the water just as much as us humans do.
"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry."