Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Jane Doe

I have brown eyes. Two big brown eyes. I have a nose, a set of ears, a couple birth marks, dimples, short compared to most and a killer smile. A Jane Doe. If you never saw me or knew me, I'm just another face in the crowd. But I'm not. I'm Katie. A 17 year old that is finding her way, trying to make a difference by making people smile.  But you wouldn't know that by the information I just gave you. My personality is more complex than people realize. I can crack a joke yet the next minute holding your hand crying out your hurt. I enjoy to party and dance, get all dolled up, yet I can watch movies for a whole Sunday in the pj's I slept in the night before. I like to give people advice, see situations from both sides, be supportive and protective, yet be hurting inside not letting people really know how I feel or what I want. I love to talk and be the center of attention, but that's only when I get to know someone really good. Until than I will go out of my way, making every wish fulfilled. I always laugh and smile making people feel the same, yet I'll have a mood swing: mad, sad, depressed, anxious. I go with the flow but can be a stubborn Irish lassie and eventually get what I want. I don't like confrontation but I sure as hell will put up a fight if I needed to. I am happy with my life yet sometimes I wish I had what others had.
 Sometimes I feel like I don't know who I am. Almost becoming a different person when I'm around certain people. I have always done this, being respectful to teachers and adults, yet knowing how to cause havoc with my friends.
I guess I figure life is an adventure that should be lived to it's potential. I enjoy the person I am. I enjoy making others happy and seeing how I impacted their life. I thank God for building me along the way, even if I have committed sins. There are always lessons learned even if they seem like your life is over.
I'm not sure about where I'm going or well I'll end up, but my journey thus far has made me realize how lucky I am to live, be triumphant yet crumble into a million tiny pieces for mistakes I've made. I guess whatever didn't kill you makes your stronger. This I am sure of.
I'm Katie Marie Kilbane. Born September 16th 1993.  I have brown eyes, a 5'4 stature, enjoy eating, tanning, and making mistakes. I'm no Jane Doe. I'm an individual finding my way. No mold will ever fit me. I choose my own path. Never breaking, always making and improving my life one step at a time

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