Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfect Romance?

Today is a day of revolution. Today we rebuild what has been crumbling for years. We rebuild the word love. So love, I won't take pain in your definition, I won't accept mediocre excuses of lies and unfaithfulness, I won't stand to be be walked on, used, canvassed as some prize or even treated with disrespect. The word "love" can mean an assortment of daily ideals, but above all it means you care deeply for another. You give your energy, time and devotion for someone other then yourself. Become selfless and understanding of your significant other. It's important to feel emotions; the good and bad, but if we do not love correctly all that we know could possibly be ruined. Love means you love everything about them even flaws and imperfections. --We must first understand ourselves before we think about trying to understand another. Finding yourself and experiencing what the world has to offer is the first task we take on. Don't rush to find someone or something to fill a void. The man of your dreams will come along (probably not on a white steed, or even ask for your hand to dance) when you least expect it. If he takes time don't sweat it, just tell yourself if a phony comes along don't fall for his tricks, hold out for the best possible match to what your expectations are. Love comes in all different directions at different speed so don't get mad if you're caught in traffic; be patient and the light at the end of the tunnel will appear before you know it.

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