Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take A Leap Of Faith

My first words. First steps. First Christmas. First report card. First kiss. First school dance. First car. We all can account to have a first time for everything. Most insignificant, every day things. Others milestones that can possible change our life. Think in different ways, imagine new possibilities. Most people do not realize how events can can their life. Me for instants. I was a smart, sheltered girl that knew nothing of the other side of life. As a freshman my eyes were opened to so many new intriguing things. And you know what? Without learning those things and making it a first priority to learn and take so much in, I wouldn't be who I am today. Not knowing that than, but reflecting on it now I see that the world is made up of so many unique individuals, with different stories and experiences to share.
To this date I stand a girl going into her senior year. I've had the chance to live in Florida with my grandparents the whole summer and I can say this will be a first step to changing myself to be a better person. Sure, it's been fun, laid back and totally care free. If you were in a tropical location wouldn't you do the same? Anyways, I find it hard to be away from my family and friends. Not really having anyone to take to like back at home. Here I can be me, find myself again. Also appreciate everything when I go back home. I feel more humble, forgiving and focused on the goals I want for myself. It's crazy to think in a years time I'll have the world at my feet. Free to do what I choose.
God has a plan for everyone, and I think he helps us realize they can happen. He helps us believe anything is possible and nothing is standing in our way besides ourselves. We must take a leap of faith, know the challenges we face and make a future to live in. It's intimidating to think about forever, but without that initial first experience you will always wonder about how it could have been.

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