Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reality TV?

Beachy hair, tan lines and sunglasses. Summer. Unfortunately summer is coming to an end. The season to be free from school and homework. Luckily for me the end is almost near to my public education. See, this year I will be a senior and I have to say I'm pretty pumped for it. Parties, football games, 4 classes, late curfew: the works.
I have this really great group of friends. We climb things, run around and cause shenanigans... Basically anything a young adult would do. Without these people I couldn't have the time of my life. I would probably be at home, reading a book and looking out to the world saying, "I wish I could have that much fun..." Sometimes we get into trouble and make fools of ourselves, but I would rather be doing that having awesome stories to tell to my future kids. But go right ahead and let the book do the talking for you. (I'm not dissing on books. Just an example)
With this montage of things all wrapped into one this is a recipe of perfection, with a could scrapes and bruises on the way. Yes, there will be drama. Yes... there will be tires. YES... there will be embarrassing moments in front of the whole class, but that's alright. Ever time we fall, we have the strength to pick ourselves back up.
Please stay tuned for the moments of my life that are almost worthy of a reality TV show. (without drugs, sex, or cat fights)
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
I plan to take this quote and make it my own. Life should be looked at like it's out of the box, new, funky. Make it your own and owe what you have. Thats how success starts.

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